Spearhead R Series Flail Mower

Spearhead R Series Flail Mower

Designed for agricultural and municipal use, and capable of cutting material up to 50 millimetres in thickness, the R Series is perfect for the maintenance of farmland and pasture to a high and consistent standard. The machine features heavy duty whale tail flails for a strong cut, high suction and fine finish. The rotor is also of the standard Spearhead double-spiral construction to increase efficiency and output whilst consuming much less power than conventional designs.

Featuring a choice of working widths from 1.9 to 2.7 metres, the R series is the ideal tool for a multitude of different tasks. Belt drive to the rotor provides superior torque with protection offered on the input PTO in the form of an over-run clutch. Featuring a heavy duty headstock, the machine is also delivered with hydraulic sideshift for extra versatility in operation allowing work to be carried out around trees and other obstructions.

Spearhead R Series Flail Mower Features

  • 1.9, 2.25, 2.45, and 2.7 metre cutting widths
  • 50hp minimum tractor requirement
  • Three point linkage mounting
  • Compact design
  • Hydraulic offset
  • Over-run PTO protection
  • Whale tail flails
  • Rear roller height adjustment
  • Replaceable full length skid kit
  • 50 millimetre maximum cutting diameter

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