Tiger Super Duty Triple Gang Flail Mower

Tiger Triple Gang Flail Mower - Super Duty Series

Tiger's Triple Gang Flails are designed to cover large areas of mowing in a short amount of time. With the combination choices of either a 63" or 75" side flail mower powered with an impressive 90" rear flail, this makes taking on the big mowing jobs a breeze. Mowing done the right way, clean, fast and efficient, with equipment that lasts.

Tiger Triple Flail Mower Features

  • Main Control: Electric solenoid operated non-restrictive, starter lockout with cable controls.
  • Break Valve: Non-restrictive brake valve with 7-second maximum shut down.
  • Transport: Move safely and easily as side unit stores vertical with travel locks.
  • Cutter Width: 63"/90"/63", 75"/90"/75"
  • Cutter Height: 1 1/2" to 7 1/2"
  • Knife Swing Circumference: 47 7/8"
  • Knife Options: Standard (224 to 256), Smooth (112 to 128)
  • Tractor Requirement: 65 Horsepower Tractor Minimum

Optional Features

  • Transport Egress System

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